Tips on buying a laptop computer.

Here are some common tips on buying a laptop, guides you should follow in other not to make mistakes when buying a new laptop.

The most common type of battery is Lithium-Ion (LiIon), which can run for one to three hours under normal operating conditions, but there are many power-saving options and superior cell batteries that can extend battery life significantly.


However, battery life will decrease over time and as your laptop ages. the rate of discharge of the battery decreases. Sometimes it is worth taking an extra battery with you.

Usage and Costs

When mobility is less important, battery life and weight are less important. You may be more inclined to use a larger processor, screen size, and storage capacity.The type of work you do can affect the size and type of screen that works best for you.

For less load and less graphics-intensive applications, a 1214-inch screen is more suitable than a 15- or 17-inch widescreen. , Graphics features and screen size are important, so the best screen you can afford is a higher priority.


It can be cheaper to buy a base unit and add things like an external TV card and DVD burner if necessary.

The amount you have to spend is closely related to the way you use your laptop. If all you want to do is access your email, surf the web, and do word processing, you can consider cheaper devices with smaller processors, displays, and installations.

A medium user, perhaps playing games or working on multimedia applications, needs a powerful processor, graphics controller, memory and a larger screen.


Themore features your laptop has, the more expensive it becomes. Including a DVD burner instead of DVDROM, a hard drive capacity of over 40 GB, a 17-inch widescreen display, and wireless capabilities result in a more expensive device.

If you’re not looking for high performance and graphics features, you can find a suitable laptop for around $ 1500. The latest processor, full graphics capability, DVD burner, widescreen, and wireless connectivity can cost more than $ 4,000 with various price ranges looking.

Other Key Components.

Now that you’ve decided what to do with it, how portable it should be, and definitely buy a laptop, it’s time to go hunting and find the specs that meet your needs.

So what needs to look for?Basically, consider the differences between the following components: display, graphics controller, main memory (RAM), hard drive, removable storage, network options, peripheral connection, sound and battery.

Display and Graphics

Laptops now have LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) displays that show clear text and are less eye-straining. These displays show sharper text than standard CRT monitors, but are less able to display well-rendered graphics.

Laptop for graphics work, it may be worth having a CRT monitor to hook up. Screen sizes for notebooks range from 12.1 to 17 inches (widescreen). A 15-inch screen or a 15.4-inch widescreen alternative is the most common on today’s laptops.

However, as the reflectivity of the screen increases, they may appear reflected on the screen. Scratches on the surface may also appear easier. Not all LCD screens have the same viewing angle on some screens.

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